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You can find almost any products from all countries. Please check out our seletions.


Are you looking for fresh vegetables from Asia, Europe and America? You name it, we have it. 


Delivered daily baked cakes and pastries. You can enjoy fresh coffee and pastries in our café. 

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La Rice Market

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Fresh Oriental Foods & Vegetables

Greens and roots of this category are not just famously grown for Asian dishes, they are now increasing in popularity and found growing in many local gardens. Oriental vegetables and Asian greens are versatile and add exceptionally unique flavours, textures and colours to stir-fries and salads. Provides an easy, early season harvest and are ideal for planting later in the season as they perform well in cooler temperatures. Give your taste buds a whirl as these are not just your typical greens!

Fresh Baked Cakes & Pastries

Mixing traditional Korean bread with French pastry influences. With Many years of experience, our pastry chefs talents and skills are artfully on display.

We are known for having light and fluffy breads that are not too sweet. Our bread is good for any occasion and will not weigh you down. Crafted by hand, it’s charm will win you over as you reach for seconds. 

From Paris Morning Bakery

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